Yellow fever
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Yellow fever

Sheila Hall Freelance Travel Health Advisor, Glasgow, T.R.E.C. (Travel-health Related Education and Care)

As more and more travellers choose exotic and tropical destinations for their holidays, practice nurses are meeting an increasing number of people needing more complex travel health and advice. This article provides an understanding of yellow fever, and shows when vaccination is required to enable the practice nurse to make informed decisions. It also explains how to become a recognised yellow fever vaccination centre

Aims and intended learning outcomes

The aims of this article are to promote a greater understanding of yellow fever infection and to increase awareness of the risks faced by travellers, and the associated advice that should be offered to those going to areas where vaccination is recommended. After completing this paper you should be able to:

Primary Health Care. 10, 1, 33-37. doi: 10.7748/phc2000.