Tackling vitamin D deficiency in children and at-risk families
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Tackling vitamin D deficiency in children and at-risk families

Lisa Lewis Associate lecturer, Faculty of health and life sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol

Lisa Lewis describes a strategy developed to prevent the problem by improving awareness and knowledge among health professionals and parents

This article considers the reasons for, and the consequences of, vitamin D deficiency, which affects large numbers of young children. Despite extensive media coverage there appears to be a lack of awareness of the risks among parents and, in some cases, among health professionals. A strategy was developed in one city in the south west of England to counter continued poor uptake of vitamin supplements available through the Healthy Start scheme. The article concludes that pockets of good practice must be extended urgently to address the preventable effects of vitamin D deficiency.

Primary Health Care. 24, 4, 20-24. doi: 10.7748/phc2014.



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Received: 27 November 2013

Accepted: 17 April 2014