Malnutrition: everyone’s problem
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Malnutrition: everyone’s problem

Tanya Rumney Prescribing support dietitian, Countess of Chester Hospital, Chester

Tanya Rumney outlines a project that has improved the knowledge of healthcare professionals and reduced the need for nutritional supplements

With existing cost pressures in the NHS there is now greater emphasis on innovation and new ways of working for cost-effectiveness. As a clinical dietitian working in the community in Chester, I was recently given the opportunity to participate in Nurse First (2009), the UK’s first social innovation programme that rewards participants with a postgraduate diploma for delivering a project in the workplace, rather than writing essays. This article describes the project I developed, Food First, which aims to encourage healthcare professionals working with patients to view food in the same way as we view drugs: a treatment prescribed to treat a condition or disease.

Primary Health Care. 23, 8, 25-27. doi: 10.7748/phc2013.


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Received: 29 October 2012

Accepted: 11 March 2013