Living with disability: part 1
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Living with disability: part 1

Claire Thurgate Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University
Helen Warner Early intervention nurse, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

This is the first of three articles which consider the holistic care required by children with a disability and their families. Although the articles mainly address care of children with disabilities in the acute hospital setting, the concepts and knowledge can be transferred to care in other settings. The articles aim to provide a summary of the main subject areas while prompting readers to revisit their own opinions and experiences. This article provides an overview of: commonly used terminology; receiving the news that your child has a disability; impact on family members; and relevant social policy. The second and third articles cover: the therapeutic use of self; the value of communication; meeting complex needs on a paediatric ward and multi-disciplinary working.

Nursing Children and Young People. 17, 10, 37-43. doi: 10.7748/paed2005.