Writing for publication: a practical guide
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Writing for publication: a practical guide

Brenda Happell Professor, Contemporary nursing, Department of Health Innovation, Mental and psychosocial health, Central Queensland University (CQU) Healthy Communities, CQU, Australia

Nurses in clinical practice tend not to view writing for publication as part of their role, and often fail to recognise the value of written communication as a means of sharing valuable knowledge and expertise with others. The tendency to view writing for publication as an arduous and daunting task, reserved only for those in academia, may deter the novice writer. This article aims to encourage nurses in clinical practice to consider writing for publication and actively contribute to professional development through the dissemination of nursing knowledge. The article also provides a practical guide for writing a research and quality improvement article.

Nursing Standard. 22, 28, 35-40. doi: 10.7748/ns2008.



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