The causes and treatment of fever: a literature review
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The causes and treatment of fever: a literature review

Fenella Connell Staff nurse, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow

In this article the author reviews some of the literature available on the significance and treatment of fever. The nature and causes of fever are discussed along with some of the treatment options available to nurses. The author concludes that the administration of antipyretic drugs when possible is the preferred method of reducing temperature and any procedure that induces shivering should be avoided

This review examines some of the current literature available on the treatment and causes of pyrexia. It is intended to stimulate further investigation into the nature and treatment of fevers found in the general ward setting. Disorders of temperature control, such as those found in post-anaesthetic malignant hyperthermia or following brain trauma, are not discussed in this article.

Nursing Standard. 12, 11, 40-43. doi: 10.7748/ns.12.11.40.s55

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