Post-micturition dribble in men: causes and treatment
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Post-micturition dribble in men: causes and treatment

John Robinson District charge nurse, Continence Service, North Lancashire Teaching Primary Care Trust, Morecambe

Post-micturition dribble is a lower urinary tract symptom that can affect men of all ages, but is predominantly found in older patients. Following voiding, a residue of urine becomes trapped and pooled inside the bulbar urethra and begins to drain down the urethra. Men will often try to control or prevent the dribbling by placing absorbent materials down their trousers, not realising that they can obtain advice on other courses of action from continence advisers. This article outlines and explains post-micturition dribble, its causes and treatment.

Nursing Standard. 22, 30, 43-46. doi: 10.7748/ns2008.


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