Ovarian cancer: screening and early detection
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Ovarian cancer: screening and early detection

Elizabeth Gangar Research Sister, Menopause Clinic, Department of Reproductive Medicine, Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, London
Jennifer Penny Research Sister, Menstrual Disorders and Endocrine Clinic, Ashford Hospital, Middlesex

In more than half the women who develop ovarian cancer, the condition is inoperable by the time it is diagnosed. this CE article discusses the risk factors, screening and detection of the disease. it relates to UKCC professional development categories: reducing risk and educational development

Aim And Intended Learning Outcomes

The aim of this article is to widen the reader’s knowledge and understanding of ovarian carcinoma.

After reading the article, the nurse should be able to:

Identify risk factors associated with ovarian carcinoma O Recognise the symptoms of ovarian carcinoma

Understand the available screening methods and their limitations in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Advise women regarding risks and screening methods and assess women’s individual risk of ovarian cancer

Understand the stage groupings for ovarian cancer.

Nursing Standard. 9, 41, 31-37. doi: 10.7748/ns.9.41.31.s32

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