Nursing ethics I: Setting the scene
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Nursing ethics I: Setting the scene

Bernard Farr and Verena Tschudin
Verena Tschudin Writer and Honorary Lecturer, University of East London
BD Bernard Farr Director of Research and Academic Programmes, Westminster College, Oxford

Setting the scene is the first of six CE articles focusing on ethical issues in nursing. The assessments for these articles appear in two parts. Part A, relating to the first three articles, will be published with tire third article in the series, on September 21. Part B, relating to the remaining three articles, will be published with the final article on October 19. A list of the dates of all six articles is on page 56. Remember to retain each article so you can enter Part A or Part B of the assessment. Each assessment is worth 20 RCN CEPs and readers may opt to do either or both assessments

The subject of ethics is increasingly important in all spheres of life. The changing climate in health care delivery has, however, made it more pressing than ever in the health care field.

Nursing Standard. 8, 50, 51-56. doi: 10.7748/ns.8.50.51.s56

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