First chance or last?
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First chance or last?

Isabel Bebbington Senior Alcohol Adviser
Rowena Galloway Assistant Clinical Manager, St James' Hospital, Portsmouth

Rowena Galloway and Isabel Bebbington describe how a detoxification service was commissioned, based on day-care

Since 1972, the Nelson Clinic at St James' Hospital, Portsmouth, has provided a six week residential treatment course for people with chronic alcohol problems; detoxification is provided as part of the course, but traditionally people requiring just detoxification were admitted to the acute psychiatric wards in the hospital. This practice was never [Illegible Word] to be ideal as patients admitted were not mentally ill and were fed, housed and withdrawn from alcohol on mild tranquillisers and discharged.

Nursing Standard. 3, 25, 23-24. doi: 10.7748/ns.3.25.23.s41

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