Blood transfusion
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Blood transfusion

Francine Powell Staff Nurses, Blood Collection Team, National Bood Service South West Centre

This article describes the methods of blood collection, screening and storage and discusses the nurse’s role during blood transfusion. The article relates to UKCC professional development categories: Care enhancement and Reducing risk

AIM And Intended Learning Outcomes

This article aims to increase the nurse's knowledge and awareness of the collection, processing, uses and safe administration of blood and blood products. After reading this article, the nurse should be able to:

Express his or her knowledge of blood group systems

Be aware of methods of collection and the importance of the careful selection of blood donors

Give the reasons for laboratory testing of blood donations and know which tests are performed

Understand what blood products are available and their appropriate use

Discuss possible adverse reactions to blood transfusions and what observations and actions to take.

Nursing Standard. 10, 21, 49-56. doi: 10.7748/ns.10.21.49.s51

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