Behavioural activation: an alternative to cognitive behaviour therapy
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Behavioural activation: an alternative to cognitive behaviour therapy

Jessica Price Psychological therapist, Solent NHS Trust, Talking Change Psychological Services, Portsmouth

Jessica Price explains how a client with low mood and relationship difficulties was helped to set goals, increase her motivation for change and re-engage in life

This case study describes how behavioural activation was used to treat a client with depression who had undergone previous psychological treatments including cognitive behaviour therapy. After assessment and formulation of problems and goals, a treatment plan was structured to increase contact with positive activities and previously avoided situations, people and pursuits. Collaborative recovery-orientated work on this plan resulted in improvements confirmed by self-rating scores and subjective reports. Thus, the behavioural activation sessions provided an effective alternative evidence-based treatment of the depression.

Mental Health Practice. 17, 2, 27-33. doi: 10.7748/mhp2013.


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Received: 11 July 2012

Accepted: 01 March 2013