training to meet the challenge
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training to meet the challenge

Stephanie Durnin Nurse Behaviour Therapist, Princess Marina Hospital, Northampton
Sue Freeman Nurse Consultant (former Nurse Behaviour Therapist), Princess Marina Hospital, Northampton

In response to a need for positive approaches when services support people whose behaviours challenge them, a 12-day training programme was developed. Stephanie Durnin and Sue Freeman compare the impact of the training on staff who received it with those who did not

The need for in-service training to support staff groups working with people with learning disabilities in community settings has been well documented over a number of years (McVilly 1997, Murray et al 1999, Smith et al 1996). People with learning disabilities who present a challenge to services pose additional training needs (Knapp et al 1989, Smith et al 1996).

Learning Disability Practice. 8, 1,18-22. doi: 10.7748/ldp2005.

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