Training family members in behaviour management methods
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Training family members in behaviour management methods

Andrea Shinnick Senior Lecturer, Learning Disabilities and Clinical Skills, University of Central England, Birmingham
Andy McDonnell Psychologist and is Director, Studio 3 Training Systems, Bath

Many service providers offer training to nursing staff on behavioural management strategies. But they are often reluctant to teach family carers about these strategies when an individual displays challenging behaviour at home. Andrea Shinnick and Andy McDonnell examine the process involved in teaching two family carers behavioural management strategies and outline the impact of initiative training

Nurses in the UK working with people who have learning disabilities receive training in physical intervention skills from a variety of training systems. Research suggests that over 50 per cent of people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour live at home with their parents or other family carers (Emerson et al 2001).

Learning Disability Practice. 6, 2,16-20. doi: 10.7748/ldp.6.2.16.s16

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