The ghost in the machine
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The ghost in the machine

Melanie Curtis Team leader, Kingfisher Day Activity Service, New Possibilities NHS Trust
Linda Smithers Specialist support practitioner, New Possibilities NHS Trust
Caroline Golding Specialist support practitioner for challenging behaviour, New Possibilities NHS Trust

Most people agree that the spiritual dimension of people’s lives is important yet there are few practical examples of how we can help meet this need. Melanie Curtis and her colleagues describe how they tackled the subject.

HOLISM IS A key term when describing the care of people with learning disabilities. However, from the research literature as well as personal experience, it seems that an individual’s spiritual needs, either as a religious or non-religious concept, are rarely recognised and assessed, let alone met within services. This also appears to be the case for anyone, with or without a learning disability, who is receiving care (Foster 2000; Govier 2000).

Learning Disability Practice. 3, 2, 11-12. doi: 10.7748/ldp2000.

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