Taking the lid off a hidden problem
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Taking the lid off a hidden problem

Joe Nichols , UKCC Professional Officer for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

Joe nichols recently found himself thrust into the media spotlight after the ukcc asked him to examine the controversial subject of giving patients concealed medication. he explains why it is vital to shed light on a practice that has long been shrouded in secrecy

Shortly after I joined the UKCC (nursing’s regulatory body) last year, I took a call from a nurse who was enquiring about the covert use of medication. The nurse, who wanted to know the UKCC’s policy on this controversial issue, told me unequivocally: ‘You either assess someone for detention under the Mental Health Act and administer medication against his or her will but legally, or you just don’t administer. It’s as simple as that.’

Learning Disability Practice. 4, 4, 8-9. doi: 10.7748/ldp.4.4.8.s15

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