Pathways to success
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Pathways to success

Karen McKenzie Consultant Clinical Psychologist, East Lothian
Donna Paxton Community Nurse, East Lothian
Edith Matheson Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Glasgow
Shona Patrick Assistant Clinical Psychologist, East Lothian
Lucie Hamilton Speech and Language Therapist, East Lothian
George C. Murray Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Melrose

Evidence linking Down Syndrome with Alzheimer’s Disease means that specialist services must put in place a comprehensive screening process if people are to receive appropriate support. In this article, Karen McKenzie and her colleagues describe how a multi disciplinary care pathway was developed for adults with Down Syndrome in one area.

There is a growing body of literature indicating that a link exists between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease (Wisniewski et al 1985; Zigman et al 1995) and that this group may be at some risk of developing the disease at an earlier age (Rasmussen and Sobsey 1994).

Learning Disability Practice. 3, 1, 16-19. doi: 10.7748/ldp2000.

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