Millfields Charter finding the middle ground
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Millfields Charter finding the middle ground

David Leadbetter Director, CALM Training Services

The Millfields Charter has generated much discussion, both for (see pages 229 and against (see pages 30-33) its aims. The following article, by David Leadbetter, was commissioned by Andy McDonnell, director of Studio 3 Training, one the authors of the Millfields Charter. It aims to explore the merits of the respective arguments for and against a ban and, if possible, to identify any common ground in the two contending arguments

To be asked to mediate in a published debate on an important national issue is either a privilege or a poisoned chalice. My therapist will decide. More so where the proponents of the opposing positions are personal friends and colleagues of many years’ standing, both of whom I hold in great respect (Andrew McDonnell and Brodie Paterson). Both have made a huge contribution to the national, and indeed international, debate on restraint safety. Does the task of searching for the middle ground in a debate therefore qualify me for membership of the Liberal Democrat party?

Learning Disability Practice. 10, 3,34-37. doi: 10.7748/ldp2007.

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