A question of Wellbeing
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A question of Wellbeing

Hazel Morgan , Head of the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The foundation for people with learning disabilities has just launched the first major inquiry into the mental health needs of young people with learning disabilities. here, hazel morgan, head of the foundation, explains why the inquiry is vital

Adolescence is a difficult time for every young person, with many changes and upheavals to deal with. Indeed, the Mental Health Foundation’s Bright Futures report identified that one young person in five has a mental health problem at any one time (MHF 1999). When a person also has a learning disability the situation can be even more complex. We already know that children with learning disabilities have a greater than average risk of developing mental health problems (MHF 1999). This may be because they are less likely than other children to be able to develop positive coping strategies. Until now, however, the mental health needs of young people with learning disabilities have been severely neglected.

Learning Disability Practice. 4, 4, 6-7. doi: 10.7748/ldp.4.4.6.s14

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