Standard of prostate biopsies undertaken by nurse practitioners
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Standard of prostate biopsies undertaken by nurse practitioners

Jyoti Shah Consultant urological surgeon, Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire
Emma Baston CT2 in urology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Jyoti Shah and Emma Baston outline the results of a study to assess the quality and safety of procedures carried out by nurses and a consultant urologist

Aim To determine whether prostate biopsies can be safely and reliably undertaken by advanced nurse practitioners compared with those undertaken by a consultant urologist.

Method Twelve core biopsies were taken from 222 unselected consecutive patients by three operators, who were a consultant urologist and two advanced nurse practitioners.

Results The quality and yield of the biopsies, cancer detection rate and complication rate were similar across the three operators.

Conclusion Nurses can safely undertake prostate biopsies with no increase in complications and a cancer detection rate similar to that of an experienced consultant urologist.

Cancer Nursing Practice. 12, 2,32-35. doi: 10.7748/cnp2013.


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Received: 19 November 2012

Accepted: 06 December 2012