Side effects of pazopanib in renal cell carcinoma
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Side effects of pazopanib in renal cell carcinoma

Lynda Pyle Research nurse, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Elizabeth Andersen Clinical trials nurse practitioner, Department of Oncology, Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, Cambridge
Carmel Langan Senior clinical research nurse, Christie Hospital, Manchester
Alphonsa Mathew Clinical research co-ordinator, Academic Department of Oncology, Royal Free Hospital, London
Deborah Pitfield Research sister, Department of Oncology, Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, Cambridge
Alison Stretch Oncology research nurse, South West Wales Cancer Institute, Singleton Hospital, Swansea

Lynda Pyle and colleagues emphasise the need for regular monitoring and prompt intervention to reduce the problems patients may experience when taking tyrosine kinase inhibitors

This article provides practical guidance for oncology nurses on the recognition and management of potential side effects associated with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor pazopanib for treating adults with advanced renal cell carcinoma (aRCC). This guidance was developed by a panel of six oncology nurses experienced in the use of pazopanib therapy for patients with aRCC. Regular monitoring, early identification and prompt intervention are essential for optimal management of any therapy-associated side effects, along with education to empower patients to take control of their symptoms. While pazopanib shows an acceptable and manageable safety profile, it is important that oncology teams are aware of potential side effects and have strategies in place should they occur. These measures could minimise the need for dose modifications, allowing patients to gain the maximum benefit from treatment.

Cancer Nursing Practice. 11, 3,16-22. doi: 10.7748/cnp2012.


Conflict of interest

Lynda Pyle has acted as a consultant for Bayer and Novartis, has received honoraria from GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, and has received grants from Pfizer and Bayer. Alison Stretch has received honoraria from Pfizer. None of the other authors had any conflicts of interest to declare

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