Hereditary breast cancer: an overview
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Hereditary breast cancer: an overview

Donna McBride Macmillan Cancer Genetics Counsellor, Poole Hospital, Longfleet Road, Poole, Dorset
Gillian Crawford Senior Genetic Nurse Counsellor, Wessex Clinical Genetics Service, Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton

Now that the Human Genome Project has mapped the entire sequence of human DNA, knowledge of which mutated genes are involved in which cancers is expected to accumulate at an unprecedented pace. It is already possible to test for genetic susceptibility to some cancers such as hereditary breast cancer. This article examines the genetics that underpin such testing, the clinical and psychological ramifications for families involved in testing and the role of the nurse in genetic testing.

Cancer Nursing Practice. 2, 6,25-31. doi: 10.7748/cnp2003.

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