Effect of serial scanning on patients with solitary pulmonary nodules
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Effect of serial scanning on patients with solitary pulmonary nodules

Penny Downer Clinical nurse specialist (lung), Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow
Anna O’Neill Programme director, Nursing and Health Care School, Glasgow University
Robert Milroy Consultant respiratory physician, Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow
Fiona Bryden Consultant radiologist, Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow

Penny Downer and colleagues report on the results of a survey that elicited the experiences of patients undergoing follow-up monitoring

Aim To determine the experiences of patients who had undergone a two-year period of follow-up computerised tomography (CT) scans to monitor solitary pulmonary nodules.

Method This descriptive qualitative study included five participants recruited from three respiratory clinics at different teaching hospitals using purposive sampling. Each participant was interviewed once.

Findings Common themes included: scan experience, uncertainty and concerns, coping strategies and communication. Participants were not unduly concerned about undergoing CT scans but the prolonged period of investigation and waiting places considerable stress and uncertainty on the patient and their support network.

Conclusion Patients require support and information during the lengthy investigation process, particularly during the wait for scan results. A patient information leaflet and a follow-up protocol has been developed as a result of the study.

Cancer Nursing Practice. 10, 2, 33-38. doi: 10.7748/cnp2011.

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