Table of contents

28 September 1994 | Vol 9, Issue 1
Viewpoint the new NHS

Waffle and waste

Jane Warner

Viewpoint ethics

Loss of confidence

Derek Sellman

Viewpoint in focus
Viewpoint debate

Monkey business

Angela Kennedy

Viewpoint personnel

Tin can alley

Maggie Kirk

Viewpoint the joe winters column

Crimplene army

Joe Winters

Viewpoint midwifery

Midwife by numbers

Rachel Clarke

Viewpoint one minute wisdom
Viewpoint letter
Clinical ward management

Doing the off-duty by computer spreadsheet

Rodney H Stables, Wendy Hodgson

Clinical practice development
Clinical leg ulcers
Clinical education

Students’ views of training in Poland

Marek Motyka, Ewa Wilczek-Ruzyczka, Teresa Kubaty

Feature mental health

Dangerous to know?

Tom Sandford

Feature nurse 94 awards
Feature pay
News research

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