Table of contents

23 November 1993 | Vol 8, Issue 9
Career listings
Viewpoint obituary dame margot turner

Distinguished survivor

Laurence Dopson

Viewpoint workwise

One minute wisdom

Dorothy Ferguson

Viewpoint health promotion

Slimline tonic

Joan Lynn

Viewpoint books
Viewpoint the barry clifton column


Barty Clifton

Viewpoint computer reviews
Viewpoint community care
The clay interview yvonne moores

Nurses get smart after many strokes

Ken Fullerton, Maura Pidgeon

Clinical diabetes
Clinical community

Community placement: auditing the quality

George Bell, Joanne Bennett


Small cell lung cancer

Bernadette Byrne

Feature Europe

The challenge of the treaty

A.Phylip Pritchard

Feature nurse 93 awards

An agenda for change

David C Benton

News research
News clinical

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