Table of contents

02 February 1994 | Vol 8, Issue 19 Print Edition
Book review

Falls in the elderly

Evelyn Rutty

Viewpoint computer review

Nice vital statistics

Philip Burnard

Viewpoint the barry clifton column

Quip lash

Barry Clifton

Viewpoint the NHS market

NHS counter culture

David Benton

Viewpoint sister susie
Viewpoint accommodation

Flat scare

Verity Pink

General article
Clinical mental health
Clinical practice nursing
Clinical personnel
Clinical education

APL/APEL: bringing the theory to practice

Irene Selway, Carol McHale

Clinical cancer care

Chemoembolisation: treating liver cancer

Sharon Pearson, Roger Watson

Feature community care

Mobility in store

Edward Carwardine, Claire Hamer

Feature education

Thought play

Ian Hrdatt

Feature clinical practice and management awards

After the ceremony

Michelle Briggs, Angela McGeowen

News research
News clinical

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