Table of contents

26 January 1994 | Vol 8, Issue 18
Viewpoint computer reviews

Impressive presentations

Philip Burnard

Viewpoint the rosemary cook column

Healthy platitudes

Rosemary Cook

Viewpoint how to...

The standard guide to...

Michael Richardson

Viewpoint the named nurse

A nurse with no name

Carrie Howse

Book review

Her Share of Misfortune

John D Beasley

Viewpoint community care

CPN’d of the line?

Tony Gillam

Viewpoint role extension
General article
Viewpoint letter

Sugared pills and glossed facts

David Harding-Price

Clinical HIV/AIDs
Clinical education
Feature discrimination

Accepting differences

Mike George

Racism in nursing

Mike George

News file

Women at the centre

Frames Pickersgill

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