Table of contents

14 November 1990 | Vol 5, Issue 8
Supplement care of elderly people

Old and in the way

Tracey Sharp

Viewpoint debate

Clinical regrading hazards

Malcolm Williams

Viewpoint in focus
Soapbox education

Think Pink

Jane Robinson

The farmer’s boot

Tony Thompson

General article

Community care in Kent

Peter Hasler

Points of view

Robert Uscroft

Viewpoint letter

Safety in numbers?

John Goodlad

Up-to-date occupation

Jane E Jupe, Lucy Hodgson


Sexist talk is frivolous

Antony C Paine

Clinical nurse education
Clinical stress counselling
Clinical accident and emergency
Clinical education

Teaching the nursing process

Gerard Carton, Dave Langton, Senior Tutor, David Robinson

Feature iraqi hostages
Feature health appointment
Feature PREPP
News research

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