Table of contents

10 April 1991 | Vol 5, Issue 29
Viewpoint infant mortality

Cot death: a family tragedy

Tom McCartney, Patricia McCartney

Viewpoint in focus
Viewpoint north of england
Book review

Behind the Screens

Annette Spence

Viewpoint debate

Hobson’s advocate

Lindsey Dyer

Viewpoint NHS reforms

Sales-nurse wanted

Colin Westerman

Viewpoint policy notes
Points of view

Points of View

Robert Uscroft



David Harding-Price


No loans please

Karen Porter

Stating the obvious

Eric Rawson

Save patients from euthanasia

G Field, King Edward

Clinical palliative care

Educational support in palliative care

Margaret Campbell Sneddon, Patricia Eagle

Clinical education
Clinical opthalmology
Clinical paediatrics
Feature north of england
Feature child health
Feature legal issues
Feature union merger

Towards a superunion

Jackie O’Byrne


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