Table of contents

12 December 1990 | Vol 5, Issue 12
Book review

A picture of health

Arnold A Monk

Desert nurse

Cynthia O’Neill

Viewpoint in focus
Viewpoint a day in the life
Viewpoint debate

For pity’s sake

Christopher Goodall

Soapbox practice

Caring and sharing

Rebecca Malby

Hating your patients

Chris Halek


Points of view

Stephen Kemp

Viewpoint letter
Viewpoint letters
Clinical nurse prescribing
Clinical primary nursing

Preparing for primary nursing

Christopher Turnock

Clinical psychiatric nursing
Clinical uniforms

Removing barriers to communication

Stephen O'Connor, Martinne Wright

Feature homelessness
Feature pay bargaining

Vision or nightmare?

Eric Caines

Feature NHS trusts

Opting for change

William Waldegrave

News clinical
News and feature

The Charing Cross approach to venous ulcers

Christine Moffatt, Nicola Stubbings, Barry Richardson

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