Table of contents

05 December 1990 | Vol 5, Issue 11
Primary health care patients’ views

Ask, listen - and act

Nancy Denis, Dr John Cohen

Primary health care teamwork

Storm or reform?

Liz Drury

Primary health care health visiting

Spiritual healing

Janet Beeny

Primary health care second opinon

Moving on

Robert Dingwall

Viewpoint debate

Points of view

Anne Davies



Gerrie Whitney, Caroline Soar

Saving the profession?

Lorraine Sencicle

A uniform statement

Janice Miliner

Clinical nursing debates 90

Nursing models: enhancing or inhibiting practice?

Helen Chalmers, Betty Kershaw, Kath Melia, Maria Kendrich

Clinical research

Basing practice on research

Susan Waterworth

Clinical ECG file
Clinical nurse prescribing
Clinical nursing records

Patients’ access to nursing records

Stephen Wright, Nasrin Khadim

Feature NHS cuts
Feature midwives

Weighed down

Julie Sylvester

Feature congress
News research
News clinical

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