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03 June 2015 | Vol 29, Issue 40

A digital network of writers

Liz Charalambous

Promote exercise actively

Tamsin Newton Snow


Urinary continence

Rose Gallacher

Art & Science

Developing a collaborative research partnership

Elaine Beddingham, Bill Whitehead

Action research: changing nursing practice

Desley Gail Hegney, Karen Francis

Reader offer

What you’re saying on our Facebook page...

Hannah Sullivan, Lee Brisbane, Hannah Omar, Adam Mundell

TV and Radio
App Review

Speed Anatomy

Grant Byrne

Book review

Breathing Out

Emma Vincent

Webwise Review


James Buchan

Readers panel - Leave unsocial hours alone

Linda Drake, Drew Payne, Kate Tantam, Edwin Chamanga

A kind of magic

David Newnham

Let’s shake on it

Jane Bates

It helps to listen

Maria Parry

Clinical update
Clinical digest

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