Table of contents

27 October 2004 | Vol 19, Issue 7
Careers: development

Take a second chance

Duncan Burley

Art & Science

Improving communication in day surgery settings

Foy Catherine Rogan, Fiona Timmins

Improving patient safety and incident reporting

Frank Milligan, Sharon Dennis


Alien invaders in nursing

Peter Hall, Great Haywood

RCN should not have political slant

Richard Buckland, Glenn Turp

Perspectives: Reviews
Book review

Desire vs intent

Jennifer Percival

Down to earth with a bump

Zarah Perry-Woodford

Seize the day

Josie Irwin


Lynne Pearce

Emergency regulation

Mike Lehane, Jane Brown, Lesley Chivers, Sue Hopkins

Stand up to lawyers

Steve Maddern

Standard life

Daniel Allen

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