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Table of contents

29 September 2004 | Vol 19, Issue 3

Total hip replacement

Jenny Temple

Art & Science

Forgotten midwife

Malcolm Harrison

Perspectives: Reviews
Book review

Outside in

David Newnham

Now let’s really rub it in

Beverley Blanchard

Invisible war wounds

William Stewart

Avoiding rebellion

Jennifer Percival

Starting out

Marie Murphey


Daniel Allen

Year of the rookie

Brendan McMahon, Sue Szczepanska, Brid Hehir, Steve Flatt


Facing Danger

Mike Hayward

A champion for race

Lucy Gooding

Why we love our nurses

Colin Parish, Tony Newell, Jennie Walters, Christine McAdam, Amandine Everett, John Prestwich, Pauline Guinness, Gary Lineker, Philip Haskins, Jackie Schofield, Irma StClaire

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