Table of contents

30 May 2001 | Vol 15, Issue 37
Art & Science

Evaluating nurse-led inpatient units

Jenifer Wilson-Barnett, Thérèse Davis, Peter Griffiths, Ruth Harris, Shelly Heard

Barriers to healthy eating in the nursing profession: part 2

Jean Faugier, John Lancaster, Debbie Pickles, Karen Dobson

Perspectives: letter

Assessment charges are a backward step

Barry Avegard, Heide Baldwin

Give cancer service framework time to work

Candy Cooley, Mike O'Keefe

Book review

Outside in

David Newnham

Boys like to make noise

Serena Ansell

Last chance for action

Anne Roberts

Give it up

Jennifer Percival

Follow the leader

Claire Pratt

State of play

Antonia Bunnin

Global killer

Barry Hill

Practical solutions

Michael Baptiste

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