Table of contents

17 January 2001 | Vol 15, Issue 18 Print Edition
Careers: development

Don't leave it to chance

Alison Telfer

Careers: listings
Careers: Focus

Diverse practice

Jackie McFadyen

Careers: network
Art & Science

Type 2 diabetes in children

Sue Howdle, Terry Wilkin

Self-administration of medicine and older people

Caroline McGraw, Vari Drennan

Perspectives: letters

Other treatments could compare to honey

Peter Lowthian, John Topham


Outside in

David Newnham

Pay: your verdict on 3.7 per cent

Dawn Greenwood, Gareth Dyton, Steve Nicholson, Jackie Aitken, Helen Eady

Book review

Practice nursing

Constance Martin


Confidence boost

Emma Keeble


Right to life

Helen Caulfield

Standard life

Daniel Allen

The fuss over fees

FO Ettinger, Chris Bassett, Lesley Chivers

Language barrier

Anne Casey


Walk-in wonderland

Lynne Pearce

Abandoned but not alone

Mary Hampshire

Driving change

Catharine Sadler

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