Table of contents

24 February 1999 | Vol 13, Issue 23
Careers: Focus
Careers listings
Careers: network
Careers: tips
Career development

The richest mix

Jackie Mensah

General articles

Well placed

Linda Nazarko

General article

Foot notes

David Newnham

Beware of the bully

Andrew Garland

News: no limits

Fractured neck of femur

Timothy Collins

Art & science research

Teenagers in hospital: what do they want?

Jameela Abdulaziz Kari, Chris Donovan, Jun Li, Brent Taylor

Art & Science

The essence of nursing

Alison Kitson


Margaret Broadley

Laurence Dopson


Irene Stones

Book review
Perspectives: Reviews
Perspectives: PREP
Perspectives: reflections

Ways of seeing

FO Ettinger

Perspectives: Opinion

No news is good news

Rosemary Cook

Dinner for two

Brid Hehir, Dean Holyoake, Chris Buswell


Standard life

Daniel Alien

Perspectives: outlook
Analysis: care homes

Legal costs

Heather Stephen

Analysis: pay

Paying for performance

Graham Scott

Clinical digest

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