Table of contents

26 November 2014 | Vol 22, Issue 2
Health inequalities

Engaging minorities in researching sensitive health topics by using a participatory approach

Mubarak Musa Ismail, Kate Gerrish, Andrew Naisby, Sarah Salway, Punita Chowbey


Lessons learned from conducting qualitative research in a hospital

Wendy Mann Woith, Sheryl Henry Jenkins, Kim Schafer Astroth, Julie A Kennedy

Challenges in data collection

A student’s perspective of managing data collection in a complex qualitative study

Eileen Mary Dowse, Pamela van der Riet, Diana Rosemary Keatinge

International research

Conducting international nursing research: challenges and opportunities

Jackline Gloria Opollo, Diana Alaka Opollo, Jennifer Gray, Lori Spies

Practitioner research
Methodological decision making

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