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Partnering industry to develop clinical information systems

31 August 2012

Nursing Management


Over the past six months, the nursing team from the Department of Health’s Informatics Directorate has been working with colleagues in industry to promote and share...

Child and adolescent mental health service providers’ perceptions of using telehealth

01 September 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

There is growing evidence to suggest that, for child and adolescent mental health services, telehealth might be better than some aspects of traditional face-to-face...

Survey explores nurses’ use of e-health tools

24 March 2012

Nursing Management


E-health is concerned with promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities, and improving professional practice through the use of...

The role of telemonitoring in caring for older people with long-term conditions

01 September 2012

Nursing Older People

A&S Science

Long-term conditions have a negative effect on the lives of older people and those who care for them. As the population ages, so the prevalence of long-term...

Remote patient monitoring

01 July 2009

Primary Health Care

Long - term conditions

It is hoped that using telehealth can reduce unplanned hospital admissions and unnecessary visits to primary care, but there are questions about its impact on...

Join the network

24 May 2011

Nursing Standard


The practical use of telehealth systems is considered in the follow-up to last week’s article.

Get yourself connected

17 May 2011

Nursing Standard

General Article

New technology is increasingly being used to help meet growing demands for health care. But it is not without its problems

Using telehealth in the management of hypertension

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Aim Aim To explore the usefulness of, and evidence for, telehealth in the management of hypertension in the primary care setting. Method Method The population,...

A hub clinician’s perspective on supported self-care through technology

27 January 2017

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

An eight-month project in Bristol to improve service for people with long-term conditions by using supported self-care involving technology was able to show a...

Enabling supported self-management of wound care in a community setting

31 August 2016

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

This article describes how adult community nursing teams in one NHS trust, Pennine Care Foundation, implemented supported self-management within a wound-care...