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Developing a clinical management tool to evaluate quality

01 May 2013

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Peer review is used increasingly in the NHS as a form of evaluation between professionals, services and organisations, and as a way of offering participants a...

Compliance with swift communication of diagnosis to GPs

08 December 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

Until this year the National Cancer Peer Review Programme Manual for Cancer Services 2008 included a policy that all GPs should be informed of a new cancer diagnosis...

Survey evaluates quality of patient information at end of treatment

13 December 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


A patient experience survey was undertaken by the South West London Cancer Network in 2009. It involved all the acute trust providers and was carried out under the...

Improving your journal article using feedback from peer review

24 September 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

While preparation of a journal article for submission may often include informal review by colleagues, an article is not accepted for publication until it has been...

Writing a journal article: guidance for novice authors

30 April 2014

Nursing Standard


This article focuses on writing for journal publication. The purpose of writing is explored, paying particular attention to the message to be conveyed and the...

How was it for you? Students’ experiences of student-led reflection sessions

13 September 2008

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Ideas, knowledge and awareness of self can all be developed and transformed from practising the art of reflection. Learning from our life experiences and being able...

Application of meta-summary to derive a measurement instrument from the literature: a method exemplar

15 November 2018

Nurse Researcher


Background Measurement tools are a common method to collect data in observational and survey research. Nurse researchers have developed numerous scales and...

How to write for publication

06 September 2023

Primary Health Care


Rationale and key points Writing for publication has become an integral part of the role of the healthcare professional, including nurses. However, for novice...