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Exploring the legitimacy of intuition as a form of nursing knowledge

10 June 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article discusses intuition as a legitimate form of knowledge rather than solely as an expert trait. It also describes the possibility of interdisciplinary...

Cross-boundary rotational working for neonatal nurses

05 May 2007

Paediatric Nursing


Neonatal services in England and Wales are undergoing significant changes as a result of technological advances as well as the development of new networks. These...

Role of the nurse in identifying and addressing health inequalities

21 March 2019

Nursing Standard

Health promotion

This article aims to improve nurses’ knowledge and understanding of health inequalities. Health inequalities are responsible for variation in health outcomes...

Interprofessional shared governance and relationship-based care: implementation and lessons learned

20 August 2019

Nursing Management


Shared decision-making has become a hot topic in healthcare. This article describes a step-by-step, ‘how-to’ approach to implementation of an interprofessional...

Using reflection in nursing practice to enhance patient care

03 April 2023

Nursing Standard


The ability to reflect on, and learn from, practice experiences is essential for nurses when seeking to provide effective person-centred care. This article outlines...

Applying the principles of health promotion in nursing practice

21 February 2022

Nursing Standard

health promotion

Health promotion is a relatively new concept that is grounded in the definition of health proposed in 1946 by the World Health Organization. The thinking behind...

Introducing a named nurse model of care in a community nursing service

24 January 2024

Primary Health Care

evidence and practice

The named nurse model has the potential to promote person-centred, high-quality care in the community setting, while also enhancing the job satisfaction, morale and...

Using reflective practice to enhance the care of people with learning disabilities

16 May 2024

Learning Disability Practice


Reflective practice is taught widely in nurse education programmes and is important in the care of people with learning disabilities. It can offer fresh insights...

Using critical reflection to enhance the care of older people: a practice example

12 June 2024

Nursing Older People

evidence and practice

Reflection is an essential aspect of nursing practice that facilitates continuing professional development and practice improvement. Critical reflection is a more...

Nursing-sensitive indicators: a concept analysis

08 April 2021

Nursing Management

quality improvement

Nursing-sensitive indicators (NSIs) are the criteria for changes in a person’s health status that nursing care can directly affect, and they form the foundation for...