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Using a mixed-methods design to examine nurse practitioner integration in British Columbia

14 July 2015

Nurse Researcher

Multiphase design

Aim To discuss and provide examples of how mixed-methods research was used to evaluate the integration of nurse practitioners (NPs) into a Canadian province....

Illustrating triangulation in mixed-methods nursing research

01 April 2005

Nurse Researcher


Graham R Williamson discusses the concept of triangulation in data collection and analysis in mixed-methods research, and reflects upon how this contributed to a...

Reflections on the added value of using mixed methods in the SCAPE study

27 March 2014

Nurse Researcher

Advanced practice

Aim To reflect on the added value that a mixed method design gave in a large national evaluation study of specialist and advanced practice (SCAPE), and to propose a...

Can improvised somatic dance reduce acute pain for young people in hospital?

08 November 2016

Nursing Children and Young People

Evidence & practice

Aim This study explores the effects of improvised somatic dance (ISD) on children and young people experiencing acute pain following orthopaedic or cardiac surgery,...

A demonstration of mixed-methods research in the health sciences

18 November 2016

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The growth of patient, community and population-centred nursing research is a rationale for the use of research methods that can examine complex...

Mixed methods research

08 April 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Mixed methods research involves the use of qualitative and quantitative data in a single research project. It represents an alternative methodological approach,...

Missed care in community and primary care

10 March 2021

Primary Health Care

workforce planning

Background Studies have shown that understaffing may result in missed care, compromising patient outcomes. However, most of these studies have been conducted in...