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Developing and using clinical guidelines

15 October 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Clinical guidelines are intended to provide healthcare staff with information, based on a systematic appraisal of the current best evidence, of the optimum methods...

Making clinical decisions in emergency situations

09 July 2010

Emergency Nurse


As care provision becomes increasingly complex, nurses have to rely on sound decision making skills to maintain good outcomes (Muir 2004). Therefore, gaining a...

Assessment and prevention of falls in older people

30 June 2014

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

In June 2013 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence updated and replaced its 2004 clinical guideline 21 (CG21) on falls with clinical guideline 161...

Development of clinical policies and guidelines in acute settings

11 March 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article outlines a model for developing policies and discusses some of the issues involved in the process of writing, approving and disseminating clinical...

Delirium: prevention, clinical features and management

16 March 2011

Nursing Standard


Delirium is a common condition among hospital inpatients and people in long-term care settings. It is an acute confusional state associated with poor outcomes....

Evaluating nursing handover: the REED model

15 January 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes the REED (record, evidence, enquire, discuss) model of handover. The authors reflect on the history of nursing handover, and discuss the...

Content validation of the evidence-based nursing practice assessment tool

08 June 2018

Nurse Researcher


Background The authors designed the evidence-based nursing practice assessment tool (EBNPAT) to measure the competence of nurses in using the five-step...

An experience-based treatment model for children unwilling to eat

08 June 2016

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Background Guidance during Meals is a two-week inpatient intervention undertaken at the Folke Bernadotte Regional Habilitation Centre, Sweden, to help parents deal...

Using systematic reviews to inform nursing practice

26 August 2015

Nursing Standard


Health care is constantly being reformed to improve the safety and quality of services, and nurses are integral to the provision of this safety and quality. As a...

Pursuing a career in nursing research

12 March 2014

Nursing Standard


Nursing is an evidence-based profession that uses the latest and best research to improve nursing practice and patient outcomes. Nursing research is needed to...