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Registering deaths on site

10 June 2009

Nursing Management


The process of registering deaths can be complicated and time consuming, and often adds to bereaved families’ stress. The introduction of an on-site registrar’s...

Pre-registration nursing education standards out for consultation

26 December 2009

Nursing Management


The Nursing and Midwifery Council is developing new standards for pre-registration nursing education. This article discusses the areas in which significant changes...

Assessment of nursing students in practice environments

26 November 2011

Mental Health Practice


The work of nursing students in practice placements can be difficult to evaluate, and recent literature suggests that there are tensions between university staff and...

Role of collaboration in providing holistic care for young people

01 July 2011

Mental Health Practice


Holistic, co-ordinated patient care requires good interprofessional collaboration. Two universities in Wales developed an interprofessional post-registration course...

Easing the transition: preparing nursing students for practice

25 October 2009

Nursing Management


NHS Fife and the University of Dundee School of Nursing and Midwifery jointly offer final-year adult nursing students the opportunity to undertake an employment...

Meet the next generation

13 January 2009

Nursing Standard


Nursing Standard profiles five nursing studentswho embarked on their studies at the Universityof Liverpool in September 2008. Readers will be able to find out about...

Tiers before bedtime: a survey shows post-registration CAMHS education is missing the mark

01 March 2004

Mental Health Practice


We are on the brink of a major shake up in services for children and young people, with the forthcoming National Service Framework for Children due to be released...

Drafting a new curriculum for pre-registration nursing

01 October 2010

Mental Health Practice


This article discusses the background to devising the new pre-registration curriculum for mental health nursing. A symposium was held with the intention that its...

Nurse practitioners: what difference does a title make?

17 December 1997

Nursing Standard

Professional development

The stir caused by the UKCC’s interim report on the future of advanced nursing practice (Mathieson 1996) raised some interesting questions, particularly about nurses...

Professional development for registered nurses

05 January 2010

Nursing Standard

Art & science

There is increasing recognition that health professionals should engage in continuing professional development and lifelong learning. In addition, planned changes to...
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