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Ensuring fitness for practice

01 December 2006

Nursing Management

Applied leadership

IN 1999, the then nursing and midwifery regulator, the UK Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (UKCC), commissioned Sir Leonard Peach to...

The clock

27 July 2010

Nursing Standard


The role of recently qualified nurses is examined as part of a series in which RCN fellows look at the challenge of improving nursing care.

Provision of training and support for newly qualified nurses

08 January 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To evaluate nurses’ and ward managers’ experience of the Nurse Foundation Programme (NFP), with a view to improving future programmes. The NFP was introduced in...

Open AccessImplementing and assessing the value of nursing preceptorship

Nursing Management

evidence & practice

Preceptorship was first promoted as part of the Project 2000 reforms, and evidence suggests it remains valuable to newly qualified nurses. Although there is a lack...

Developing and evaluating a foundation preceptorship programme for newly qualified nurses

14 June 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

In 2014, an innovative, three-tiered foundation preceptorship programme for newly qualified nurses was developed in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust....

An analysis of delegation styles among newly qualified nurses

15 February 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Aim The aim of this research was to explore how newly qualified nurses learn to organise, delegate and supervise care in hospital wards when working with and...

A multisite evaluation of readiness to transition to newly qualified nurse in a cohort of children’s nursing students

15 June 2018

Nursing Children and Young People

evidence and practice

Background The post-qualifying and preceptorship period in nursing has been well-researched, however, there is limited evidence about the immediate period before...

Values-based recruitment in health care

21 January 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Values-based recruitment is a process being introduced to student selection for nursing courses and appointment to registered nurse posts. This article discusses the...
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