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Inpatient mental health care in the first world war

09 September 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The rising casualty rates during the first world war caused a major problem for the British government. As the numbers of soldiers affected grew, the War Office...

Acute inpatient care in the UK. Part 2: managing risk

11 September 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Clients in acute mental health wards are at risk of weight gain associated with antipsychotic treatment, other adverse effects of medication, trauma associated with...

Acute inpatient care in the UK. Part 1: recovery-oriented wards

10 July 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Service users, staff and carers have long expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of acute mental health inpatient care, particularly with perceived staff...

Len Bowers: the man behind the Safewards model

10 February 2016

Mental Health Practice


Colin Parish interviews the driving force behind the Safewards approach, Len Bowers, as he prepares to retire from the profession.

Improving patients’ and staff’s experiences of acute care

02 March 2015

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

The aim of this audit was to assess the effect of the Quality Mark programme on the quality of acute care received by older patients by comparing the experiences of...

Assessment and prevention of falls in older people

30 June 2014

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

In June 2013 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence updated and replaced its 2004 clinical guideline 21 (CG21) on falls with clinical guideline 161...

An audit of service users’ perception of choice in a 24-hour mental health setting

14 June 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

Background Choice enables patient autonomy and independence, and equalises power dynamics between service users and healthcare professionals. However, preserving...

Surveying nursing practice on wards for older people with mental health needs

01 November 2006

Nursing Older People

Gerontological care and practice

This article discusses a survey of the nursing care of older people with mental health problems in inpatient units. The survey considered assessment and care...

Straight to the point

10 May 2011

Nursing Standard


Speeding up patient referrals, increasing nurses’ job satisfaction and saving money have been achieved by NHS Forth Valley.

Enhancing compassionate care: recommendations for practice

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Several public inquiries have identified systemic issues in some healthcare settings in the UK. Such findings indicate that it is necessary for multidisciplinary...