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An evaluation of an online numeracy assessment tool

06 April 2010

Nursing Standard

Art &science

Aim To evaluate users’ perceptions of an online numeracy assessment tool in terms of improving their numeracy and confidence in mathematical calculation. Method A...

A tool for diabetes

11 August 2009

Nursing Standard

Clinical digest

Improving the care of inpatients who have diabetes but are admitted for other reasons is the aim of Think Glucose.

Reducing medication errors

19 November 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Most nurses are involved in medicines management, which is integral to promoting patient safety. Medicines management is prone to errors, which depending on the...

Understanding the human and system factors involved in medication errors

18 July 2018

Nursing Standard

evidence and practice

Medication errors involving patients are a serious concern in healthcare practice. Nurses, more than any other healthcare professional group, are principally...

Reducing medication errors in nursing practice

14 January 2015

Nursing Standard


Medication errors remain one of the most common causes of unintended harm to patients. They contribute to adverse events that compromise patient safety and result in...