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Support in the community

01 December 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article addresses cancer care in the community, exploring the literature in relation to the impact of diagnosis and the care needs of people newly diagnosed...

Rehabilitation starts at home

10 December 2008

Mental Health Practice


Rehabilitation historically has been associated with the closure of asylums and the relocation of patients with complex needs to residential units in the community....

Community mental health nurses, primary care and the National Service Framework for Mental Health

01 September 2000

Mental Health Practice


Aims and intended learning outcomes The aim of this article is to explore how community mental health nurses (CMHNs) can assist the primary care team, in particular...

Resolving crisis within the community: the role of the support, time and recovery (STR) workers

01 April 2006

Mental Health Practice

Crisis resolution

The Workforce Action Team (2001) gathered evidence to support the introduction of a new type of worker into the mental heath workplace, the Support, Time and...

Crisis resolution teams and the role of the service user development worker

01 March 2006

Mental Health Practice

Crisis resolution

Mental health crises and emergencies need rapid and effective intervention for the safety of patients, their carers and the general public. Yet the National Service...

Must do better: the lessons to be learned from Winterbourne View

01 October 2012

Learning Disability Practice


The abuse revealed in last year’s Panorama documentary, Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed, was not an isolated event. In this article the authors describe previous...

The social construction of the mental health service user

01 March 1998

Mental Health Practice


People are represented by systems of ideas, practices and values which help to place them in their social world. This representation should enable a sense of...

Using psychosocial interventions in a South African township

01 June 2005

Mental Health Practice


South Africa covers an area of 1.221 million km2 and has a population of approximately 44 million people speaking 11 official languages. Although it is a wealthy...

West African older people in the UK with dementia

01 June 2004

Mental Health Practice


There are around 60 million people in the UK (National Service Framework (NSF) For Older People 2001). It is the most densely populated country in Europe and the...

Leading the way in times of crisis

01 October 2006

Mental Health Practice


The implementation and operation of crisis resolution teams (CRTs) has triggered wide-ranging changes in mental health service provision in the health service. The...