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The comforting hand in assisted dying

27 August 2014

Nursing Standard


Nurses hold sharply divided views on assisted dying. Some support changing the law on the grounds of patient choice. Others fear vulnerable people would come under...

A question of death

05 March 2014

Nursing Standard


If someone you loved had a terminal illness and was experiencing untold amounts of pain and distress, could you imagine killing that person to alleviate their...

Fighting for utopia

20 September 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Jane Campbell uses her own personal experience to campaign for disability rights and to argue her case on assisted dying.

In support of choice

01 February 2011

Nursing Standard


Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying is a new organisation that wants to clarify the legal rights of terminally ill people and their carers.

Exploring the case for assisted dying in the UK

04 January 2012

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article discusses the concepts of euthanasia, assisted suicide and physician-assisted suicide, under the umbrella term of assisted dying, from a pro-assisted...

Ethical issues arising from the assisted dying debate

13 June 2022

Nursing Standard

Ethical issues

The assisted dying debate is complex, with confusion over definitions and the stance taken by professional bodies. It can also be challenging to make sense of the...