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Racism and personal safety: black community practitioners

26 November 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background The potential risks for and implications of black community practitioners working in racist areas is the subject of this article. It provides an overview...

Using cultural safety to enhance nursing care for people with a learning disability

09 September 2021

Learning Disability Practice


Culture has an important role at every level of healthcare. It can have a significant effect on the interactions between nurses, other staff members in the...

Freedom from racism

11 October 2005

Nursing Standard


Commission for Racial Equality chair Trevor Phillips has criticised the NHS for being racist. Since then the health service has introduced various initiatives to...

‘I know why i am here’

25 April 2006

Nursing Standard

General article

As an African-American, Beverly Malone’s path to RCN general secretary has not been easy. Brought up in the deep South, she has frequently faced racism.

Open AccessEmpowering migrants during the resettlement process: applying Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations

21 July 2020

Mental Health Practice


Background For many people, known as involuntary migrants, emigration is a last resort to escape armed conflict and persecution. Emigration may have positive...

Evidencing diversity: development of a structured tool for investigating teaching of pressure injury on people with darker skin tones

01 April 2021

Nurse Researcher

Data collection

Background Dismantling structural racism challenges nurses to consider the extent to which issues of inclusion, diversity and race are operationalised in day-to-day...